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Ecosystems Projects

Sound Ecological management is fundamental in the successful running of a game farm. It has been said that we are in fact farming with the habitat and by ensuring that the habitat stays in a good condition, a healthy base is formed for optimal animal production.

How do we ascertain the current habitat condition of a particular farm? It can only be done through regular monitoring. EKO WILD has been doing ongoing habitat monitoring in the Bushveld ecosystem and our clients value our recommendations and continuously approach us for expert advice and guidance.

Our Ecological Reports and Recommendations:

Typical issues addressed during an ecological survey

Biological inventories

Veld condition assessment and comparisons (if previous surveys were done)

Carrying capacity estimations and determination of correct stocking rates

Raw feed eaters: 16 GVE
Selective grazers: 57 GVE
Mixed eaters: 28 GVE
Leaf eaters:
28 GVE

Total: 129 GVE

Processing of game figures and tabulation of previous figures

Aerial game counts are also conducted and could be combined with an Ecological survey. Counts are done by using satellite positioned flight paths.

Trends in population dynamics

Species recommendations according to the plant species composition

Explanation of some fundamental ecological principles ie population dynamics (S-Curve growth) and ecological succession

Establishing and mapping of vegetation types and management units

Other aspects

Other Ecological Services Include:

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